🔥 Executive Assistant | 月薪100,000 ~ 150,000 新台幣(面議)

Job Description

The ideal candidate will provide assistance for high level executives. They should be well-organized and be comfortable scheduling meetings and responding to emails on the executive's behalf. Lastly, this individual should be able to draft documents and help the executive with any necessary meeting preparations.

What You'll Do:

➡ Calendar management


➡ Aid executive in preparing for meetings


➡ Coordinate internal and external meetings


➡ Work cross functionally with a global team to organize schedules and meetings


➡ Open minded to ask appropriate questions to have an understanding of priorities and content


➡ High response rate to emails, messages, and other communications


➡ Maintain spreadsheets, contacts etc


➡ Coordinate domestic and international travel arrangements


➡ Ensure and maintain confidentiality of all appropriate communications and documentation


➡ Track, prioritize, and assign all incoming written and oral communications, as necessary, to appropriate person(s) for response


➡ Manage, coordinate, and support special projects as needed


➡ General office duties as needed



➡ Proficient in English (reading, writing & speaking)


➡ Ability to prioritize multiple assignments quickly


➡ Comfortable with giving and receiving feedback


➡ High attention to personal presentation and appearance


➡ Excellent communication skills


Interview process

2 x 1 hour interviews with leadership team.

We Offer

✅ Competitive compensation ($150,000 NTD/month)

月薪150,000 新台幣

✅ Challenging work opportunities that create meaningful consumer experiences through innovative solutions


✅ Work from home and remote friendly


✅ Multicultural, experienced founding team. Our employees have worked for some of the top tech companies in the world (Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Amazon etc) and come from Europe, North America and Asia

多元文化、經驗豐富的新創團隊。 我們的員工曾為世界頂尖科技公司(Facebook、Instagram、Airbnb、Amazon等)工作,人員分別來自歐洲、北美和亞洲

✅ A culture of authenticity, transparency and empowerment. You’re given the freedom to contribute and make a difference


✅ Opportunities to travel between our international offices


No requirement for relevant working experience
1,800,000 ~ 2,000,000 TWD / year
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About us

Making our world transparent through verification.

Our founders have held product and engineering leadership roles at top Silicon Valley companies and have built & managed distributed teams in the US, Europe & Asia. We are a Silicon Valley based startup founded by ex-Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Amazon, and Yahoo tech executives. Our community connects you with an exclusive group of people you share something in common with. It enables high-quality, private, and safe discussion with people that share the same employer, investment positions, and qualifications and work in the same industry or have a similar net worth.

Verified from Web3 Platforms為來自矽谷的新創團隊,創辦人皆曾任職於各大科技公司(Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Amazon及Yahoo)的高階主管,目前正尋找擁有相同願景加入我們,一同創造全球第一個擁有完整身份驗證的社群平台,產品目的為連結擁有共同經驗的人,提供用戶最有效的社群平台。我們的產品連結擁有相同雇主、類似投資組合、相似的職涯以及同產業工作的人,提供高品質、保密、安全的討論,目前已獲得眾多知名創投資金 Protagonist Ventures和矽谷VP和C Level投入。

Our Cultural Principles:

  1. Challenge long held assumptions - Question and consider alternatives to traditional ways of thinking
  2. Think from first principles - Base your thinking and decision-making on fundamental principles, rather than preconceived notions or assumptions
  3. Think laterally - Use indirect and creative approaches to come up with solutions that aren't immediately obvious
  4. Work hard, have fun, make history - Build products that benefit the world by working hard to create new ways to help people, while having fun doing it
  5. Invent and simplify - Create new ideas and solutions, and make them as simple and effective as possible.
  6. Proceed and be bold - Take action and be confident in your decisions
  7. Bias for Action - Speed matters in business. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. We value calculated risk-taking
  8. Done is better than perfect - Prioritize making progress and getting results over achieving perfection


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